Learner Management

Aggregate all your learner Contact, Account and Gradebook data in one place. Track course module access and grades.

Learner Reporting

Build and export Course Completion, Course Access and Quiz Grade reports.
Unlimited custom reports.

Learner Communications

Improve learner retention and achievement with email campaigns based on course attendance. Dedicated learner support portal. Social media integrations

Would you like to search your Moodle or Totara database for all students who have failed to access a course in the last 7 days and then instantly send them an email reminder? Or perhaps query for all students who gained less than 50% on a specific assessment and send them a link to extra support materials? Perhaps you would like to search for all students who have taken course101 in the last two years and automatically send them a registration link for course102?

All these use cases, and more, are supported by the CourseCRM integration with your Moodle or Totara LMS!

  • All LMS learner data in one place.
  • Keep detailed contact and account records.
  • View course attendance at module level.
  • View grades and quiz scores.
  • Store learner records: history, documents, support cases.
  • Create automated workflows.
  • Query and sort attendance data.
  • Identify dropout risks.
  • Report on learner data from your LMS.
  • Custom report builder.
  • Pre-built reports included.
  • Bar charts, pie charts, column charts, line charts.
  • Export to PDF or CSV for Excel.
  • Scheduled reports auto-emailed to key stakeholders.
  • Dedicated user support portal.
  • Support requests logged against contact record.
  • Support cases managed within CRM.
  • Internal email system.
  • Record learner emails in contact record.
  • Sort, query, search and email multiple learners.
  • Improve retention with targeted emails.
  • Create marketing campaign - email a target list.
  • Create template emails with contact variables embedded.
  • Add attachments to templates.
  • Manage newsletter sign up.